Winter Skin Care, Tips to keep Your Health Skin

That is your skin often change depending on weather conditions. In the winter tends to dry skin and scaly. A cold wind can cause burns in the wind. It is very important to nourish your skin from the inside. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. This will help to detoxify your body.

As your skin becomes dry in the winter, you should drink plenty of water and juice to moisten the skin. Avoid drinks like tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages because they dehydrate your body. Avoid contact with water is too hot because it can cause a drying effect. Pamper your skin with essential oils and sea minerals, before taking a bath. Apply moisturizing creams and lotions rich in vitamin E on a regular basis. To remove dead skin cells exfoliate the skin. Keep your skin is exposed to cold wind by wearing protective clothing. Use a humidifier at home to add moisture to the air
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