Acne treatment for free acne on face

Acne is a skin problem is quite annoying, acne often occurs because we rarely clean our skin after a day full of activity. In addition, acne is also often times causes by hormonal changes in adolescents. Here are some tips to acne remedies :

1) Wash your face regularly.
One free acne treatment routine is to wash your face, you must prevent from oil by washing the face twice or three times a day.

2) Wash your face gently.
When washing your face, be sure to go gently with it to prevent your acne from getting irritated and become worse.

3) Do not touch your face.
Avoid putting hands on your face because this is tantamount to deliberately bacteria wearing the face and skin pores.

4) Use skin care products are non-comedogenic.

5) Use a moisturizer and benzoyl peroxide.
Using a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide will give the appearance of your skin is normal and non-chips.

6) Reduce your stress.
One more from the treatment of acne is completely free relaxing own. When you take the time to put yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, you put your hormones to rest. As a result, this will reduce stress significantly, thus keeping your skin health.
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