Natural Moisturizer For Skin and Hair

Is not it frustrating to buy what you discover from a good effective moisturizer for skin or hair, think later that they are rubbish? Most of moisturizing creams and lotions on the market supposedly very dries skin and hair. So why is it that when applied these so-called moisturizers, you will find that the hair and / or the skin is dry very quickly? Or even more disappointing that after applying moisturizer, you can not see or feel a difference. They are added with very dry hair or dry skin.

I discovered that a product label states that the word "moisturizer" is that it does not mean that it is a good moisturizer and effective or makes a moisturizer at all! You need to study more before buying a product to moisturize the skin, hair, looking at real time. Here is the ingredient label says it all.

Requirements effective moisturizer

during the moisturizer to be effective, it must have water in the first ingredient. If the material is something other than water, you can also put them on the shelf. It does not matter what the manufacturer says.

As an African-American with dry skin and dry hair trends, I noticed that moisturizers water, it is not voluntary. It is necessary. This applies to skin moisturizers and lotions for the hair. The first ingredient is water. Why? It's easy. The water hydrates. As the internal organs need water to hydrate, do your skin and hair. However, water is not sufficient to make an effective moisturizer. Pure olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe and sheaf butter are all good oils for skin and hair make moisturizer.

Unlike oil and water two of the first ingredient moisturizer list is three components to make the moisture creams ineffective. These include:

* Petroleum and Minerals - these are the lubricants that sit just below the surface of the skin or hair and does not pass these areas for effective moisturizers that happens.

* Isopropyl alcohol / alcohol - alcohol is usually very dry. Remember, before there are drawbacks acne creams that people tend to consume alcohol on the pimples to dry? Enough said.

Of course there are some chemicals you should also be avoided, but in the interest in this article that the ingredients, the skin moisturizer and hair are frequent highlights, I can not get them.

Moisturizing ingredients benefits

if you find a moisturizer with water as the first ingredient, second ingredient in the oil and none of the above ingredients, there are other ingredients that prove interest in skin and hair. These are vitamin E, Q10 and keratin. Vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 (coenzyme Q10), are antioxidants and revive dull hair and skin.

The next time you for a moisturizing cream (what if you can read this article), make sure the label of ingredients (cream, lotion or spray) to buy water bed as the first ingredient, second ingredient go of the oil, no oil, no mineral oil or alcohol. This is important for a good moisturizer and effectively. Skin and hair will notice the difference.
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