Home Skin Care, with natural threatment

Home Skin Care
Sales of cosmetic products is booming with a myriad of beauty products that fill different every Hypermart shelves around the world. But did you know, healthy skin care, how alamai for skin health is to eat foods that are rich in natural and vitamins.

Some Home remedies skin care can you try

Peppermint Facial - skin care with papermint is very simple with peppermint oil mixed with a tablespoon of milk and three tablespoons of distilled water. You can also consider to add a little lavender oil to scent Therapy. Peppermint is known to provide cool and refreshing sensation to kill bacteria on the skin, which is the first step in preventing acne and many other skin problems.

Banana Pack - This is an excellent treatment only by destroying a few bananas and mixed with a few drops of honey. The composition will be able to make your skin become healthier.

Yogurt - Yogurt has natural cooling and refreshing quality, and can also be combined with other natural remedies and skin care products. Yogurt can be added to a number of other healing ingredients such as potato skins, rose water, papaya, fruit scrubs, mint gel, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Aloe Vera - another remarkable concoction globally accepted to benefit the hair and skin aloe vera. To create a package of aloe vera, you have to do is a mixture of aloe vera, which can be applied directly to the hair and faces to best advantage. Aloe vera naturally soothing and healing, and works well when mixed with other drugs as well.

There are many different natural remedies that you can make at home with herbal mixing cooling such as peppermint and lavender with fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, avocado and banana. To get the best care for your skin.
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