Skin care tips to dry skin in winter

dry skin in winter
Cold air often makes the skin look dry, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin types with outside air. The following are some tips you can try to prevent dry skin during winter

1. Avoid excessive bathing with hot water, hot water can aggravate the skin condition and remove the skin's natural oils which function to maintain skin moisture.

2. Drink plenty of water is the way you have to do to keep kelempan skin, and avoid dehydration, which is the main cause of dry skin.

3. Reduce alcohol and caffeine, because it can constitutes your skin look more dry. And you should reduce the consumption of drugs such as diuretics, antihistamines, in some cases will have the effect of drying the skin.

What causes dry skin?

Healthy skin can be described as a multi-layer cake covered with a sheet of clear plastic food wrap to keep it fresh. The plastic food wrap prevents the frosting and underlying layers of the cake from drying out by preventing loss (evaporation) of water from the cake into the air. Stratum corneum consists of dead skin cells embedded in a mixture of natural oils (lipids) are made by living cells of the underlying skin. These natural skin oils keep the water in our body from escaping into the air and also keep irritating substances and germs enter the body. Both skin oil and dead skin cells to hold some water in the stratum corneum and this is the stratum corneum water that helps keep the leather soft, supple and smooth. Dry skin when there is no enough water in the stratum corneum for it to function properly.

With regular skin care and sehatm you will be free from dry skin during winter.
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