Tips Free Acne on Face

Free Acne on Face
Most people who suffer from some form of acne, as they grow. Some have more and more visible areas like the face or neck, while others may have on the back or buttocks. In particular, it is nice when there are different kinds of social activities that accompany it. Do you feel cursed?

Here is some of the homeless acne cure you before you can try to see a doctor.

1 Oatmeal face - this is known to help some people. Simply create a "mask" and applies to the area of problem a few times a week. Use only warm, not hot, and let the dry form in a confined space until it is completely dry

2 Change your diet. You'll be surprised how nice it feels physically and mentally, if you follow the plan to eat only healthy food for 3-4 weeks.

3 Exercise regularly, start a regular exercise to build muscle to the poisonous toxins have accumulated in the body to remove and also helps build self-esteem.

4 Green tea, you may already have heard. Green tea is increasingly popular and is now recognized as an excellent antioxidant. The thing works like a charm, to detoxify the body.
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