Natural free acne solution

Natural free acne solution
If you want your skin look brighter and younger, this article will help you find a solution to skin problems. You may already use brebagai kinds of skin care products and make operai is too expensive to get that beautiful skin. But the fact is, simple changes in your lifestyle can act as good anti aging acne skin care solution. This article will show you the best 3 acne anti aging skin care solutions you can try practically wherever you are.

# 1: Change your diet

Make sure you reduce consumption of fried food, but switched to a diet rich in fiber. Raw vegetables and fruits is the best way to cleanse your body, they will assist in bringing a healthy glow to your skin. For younger looking skin you must eat fruits rich in anti-oxidants and vegetables, and it is recommended to use olive oil when cooking food. Fish is very good for your skin because it contains omega fatty acids. Make sure you eat adequate amounts of fish such as salmon, or tuna on a regular basis for more toned skin. Drink plenty of water and fresh juice for healthy looking skin, green tea as a natural antaioksidan yuntuk prevent aging and try to avoid soda or carbonated drinks as much as possible. Also, it is a good choice to stay away from chocolate and coffee. Fish oil and primrose oil can help your hormone balance and can also cause skin, radiant younger. Consuming this wonder oil can improve skin tone, texture and moisture.

# 2: Wash your face regularly

If you live in an area where you tend to sweat a lot, it is advisable to keep washing your face every few hours. Sweat can be a cause of acne on your face, use soap facial cleanser for your skin care, soap bars janganmenggunakan because it can damage your skin. It is important also you wash your face before bed. This way you can remove all the dirt collected during the day, and wash your face after you wake up can help your skin rejuvenate itself.

# 3: Avoid rubbing your face.

Never rub the affected area of acne, scrubbing will make the situation worse. Clean your face can give good results as well.
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