Sensitive Skin Care Products

Having sensitive skin sometimes be a big problem, sensitive skin care should be taken very carefully. In addition, sensitive skin is also very ulnerable from weather.. Safety tips for sensitive skin, when will try skin care products. Do had a little  to your skin, if it does not happen any reaction, you can use the product. But if there is itching or skin irritation. Should refrain from using the product.

Besides use skin care products,you can use this tips for keep your sensitif skin health:

1. An easy way to get more glowing skin is to use a warm towel on your face for 10 minutes and then splash with cold water at least 10 to 12 times.

2. For other skin treatments you can use a papaya skin, you can simply rubbing the inside of the papaya skin and leave to dry. After that, wash your face with cold water and wipe dry. This will make your skin shine lovely and very chooses to normal skin and sensirif.

3. Cucumbers can be used if you have oily skin that is sensitive. you can make dati cucumber juice and apply on your face and let stand until dry. Then wash with water and dry. It helps refresh, tighten your skin and also make it glow.

4. Honey and bananas - mix 2 tablespoons of honey and one banana and apply on face and neck. Wash it off after 15 minutes and within minutes you'll see a glowing face in the mirror. This facial mask is a great moisturizer and also help to tighten skin.

Using natural ingredients for skin care can make you easier to choose any treatment that is suitable for your skin, besides using natural skin care, will make you free from side effects caused the chemicals used in cosmetics beauty .
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