Natural anti aging

We can not avoid signs of aging, despite trying a variety of products to eliminate wrinkles. But surely you do not always want to look younger and beautiful, and you also use a variety of cosmetic products that promise to make skin firmer and younger looking. But did you know, in addition to using these cosmetic products. You can also use natural natural  for skin care for anti aging?


Honey is a natural work of so many benefits, one for kecantika, By applying a honey face for 25-30 minutes, then washed with warm water, then refresh in ice cubes to make your skin become firmer and healthier.


Banana proved very effective as anti-wrinkle cream, you just need to make cream of banana and membalurkan to the entire surface of your face. Let stand for 30 minutes, after that wash with warm water. Make a little massage to your face dry. Note, you should let your skin dry naturally for emndapatkan maximum results.

Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is also able to lift dry skin that cause wrinkles. Simply membalurkan warm coconut oil to the surface of the face. Do this process as much as you need to maintain the firmness of your skin.


Fruits rich in vitamin C is also very good for eliminating wrinkles in facial skin. You can just peel the outer skin, then part of the raised flesh with the skin applied to the surface of the troubled face. For example around the mouth, under and around the eyes and other. Let the thin liquid is dried pineapple in your face about 20 minutes, after that wash with warm water or cold water.

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