Free Acne Treatments with Natural Remedies

Free Acne Treatments
Acne is bane of most teenagers, especially for women. Acne often appears on oily skin, this is because bacteria and dust often be easily attached to the skin. Moreover, if we do not often clean skin, before going to bed. In addition is caused by dust and bacteria attached to the skin, acne is often caused by hormones, especially the teenagers. Abnormal levels of the hormone testosterone can cause acne among men, and when menstruation can cause acne in women. Stress, environmental irritants such as pollution and high humidity, and constant friction on the skin from pressure and friction, can also cause acne.

Several types of treatment you can use, to skin care to be free from acne.

1: With herbal treatment

Herbal medicine is one of the best, one of the ingredients that are good for curing acne is basil.

2. Relax with aromatherapy.

aromatherapy oils are not only comforting for you but also for your skin. Tea tree essential oil is a natural antiseptic especially gentle on the skin. It has been compared with benzoyl peroxide in acne reduction, minus the negative side effects. In addition, you'll find tea tree oil as an ingredient in some acne-fighting products. Thus, pure essential oil may be one of the best acne treatments available.

3: Cure with coconut.

Coconut is one of the best as erawat treatment, oil detoxifies and cleans the skin. After washing your face, simply apply a little coconut oil and massage on your skin. Use coconut oil every morning as an effective acne treatment.
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