Skin care tips: Habits cause premature aging

Choice of an unhealthy lifestyle can make the skin grow old prematurely and make the face look older faster. Some bad habits, which make us look older faster is

1. Cigarette smoke Cigarette smoke is dangerous and makes the skin more dull. Research shows that the skin is exposed to cigarette smoke for a long time to accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and cause dry skin. Cigarette smoke also remove the vitamin C-which is the key to moisture levels in our body.

2. Sun Morning sunlight is very healthy for us, but we apabilakulit often exposed to sunlight will cause the appearance of brown spots and skin will look dry. In addition, the risk of skin cancer for the owners of the greater Caucasian skin when frequently exposed to sunlight.

3. Rarely exercise Sports became an important part of all anti-aging program. Research shows that people who rarely exercise a higher risk of dementia.

4. Cold air Cold air and low temperatures contribute to make the skin dry. Use moisturizer on the outside or indoors.

5. Drinking alcohol Alcohol can widen blood vessels in the skin and increase blood flow in the skin surface. in wakyu long, blood vessels can suffer permanent damage and ruin the appearance of the skin surface, and makes skin look dull.

6. Stress Stress and worry that excessive make our faces are always stiff, rarely move, and grow old. But when we laugh a lot will make the face muscles are interested, elastic, and youthful.

7. Sleep deprivation If lack of sleep, there will be dark circles and bags under the eyes. Leather also looked dull. Sleep deprivation is also a major factor negligence, the early signs of depression, and cause negative thinking and lack of enthusiasm. Research shows that adult human body functions work properly when getting enough sleep for eight hours per day.

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle to maintain, healthy skin and healthy natural foods to get health tips.
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