Natural skin care to glowing skin

Natural skin care to glowing skin

White skin using cosmetics sometimes seem unhealthy because it seemed "forced" to be white skin. But looks different when someone has white skin using natural ingredients, their white skin will look more radiant, healthier and look more beautiful.
There are many herbal to keep skin beautiful and healthy. Some of these herbal ingredients are

1. PAPAYA and lime

Dead skin that accumulates is one of cause skin look brighter, many cosmetic products on market promises to lift dead skin and to regenerate skin for glowing skin. but you know, that papaya and lime is a natural substance can make your glowing skin?

Enzyme in papaya use to eksfoliator for cleaning dirt and remove dead skin cells. Content of vitamin C in papaya and lime very good as a natural antioxidant. By using papaya and lime in one week, your skin can become cleaner and healthier.

How to make a skin whitening cream with papaya and lime, you just need to mix the papaya and lime, until smooth and spread on the skin you want. If you have sensitive skin type, you might feel a little heat or itching, it was a side effect  from the use of lime as raw beauty.

In addition to using papaya and lime juice as a herbal ingredients for skin, you can also use cucumber, lemon, yogurt, strawberry, honey and milk to make your skin become healthier. You can read other skin health ingredients on my next article.
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