Tips to acne free face

Tips to acne free face
Face is charm to every person, especially woman always want to have white face and free from acne. Various kinds of anti-acne products sold too much on market because consumer demand higher for a pretty face in instant.

Maybe when your teens, you will become very confused when acne on your face growing. You also begin to try busting acne products on the market, attracted by the language ad they convey. but you know there is an easy way to to get rid of pimples? Here are some tips on acne free face:

1. Washing your face 2 times a day

Washing your face 2 times a day will help remove the oil on the surface of our skin. If the oil much stick to the skin of the face, this is the main cause of acne appears our face. Because of the oily skin, bacteria and dust is more easily attached. When finished, dry your face with a clean towel, because the bacteria are also often mempel on towels that we use.

2. Customize your cosmetics with your skin type

If you want to use beauty products, adjust to your skin type. If you have oily type , you mush use prosuk special cosmetics for oily skin. But avoid using oily cosmetics, because skin naturally produces oil naturally, although it is dry skin.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits.

Beauty treatments from the outside, such as using cosmetics, it would be to provide maximum results if you also consume foods that contain vitamins and minerals untu meet nutritional needs. Read 5 Healthy Food For Beautiful Skin

4. Adequate and regular sleep.

As I wrote in Beauty Sleep for Beautiful Skin, a regular sleep will help to maintain beautiful face.
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