Vitiligo emedicine

There are many ways of Treatments for vitiligo, I describe some like this:

a. Treatment vitiligo with steroids
This treatment is usually effective for vitiligo an emerging and there are only a few spots. How these drugs work is not yet known with certainty, but some patients showed positive results. Results of treatment is usually seen after 3 months, if not treatment will be discontinued because of lack of effectiveness and side effects can occur is greater.

b. Psoralen with the help of phototherapy.
These drugs can be administered by topical (topical) or taken before the skin exposed to ultraviolet light A, both originating from artificial light and using sunlight. Psoralen increase skin sensitivity to ultraviolet light and stimulate melanocyte migration from the source of melanocytes, especially in the hair follicles on a healthy skin and then form a new pigment. This therapy is the most widely used, including those that tell you Melly. Indeed, this therapy usually takes 6 to 18 months. Unfortunately, the success rate of less than 50%.

c. Depigmentasi
This treatment is done to diminish the remaining skin color to match skin disorders. This treatment is done when the abnormality is more than 50% skin and body treatments to create repigmentasi failed. One example of a fairly well-known use of this therapy is Michael Jackson (singer).
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