Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally

Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally
Acne is something that is disturbing, there are many causes for the appearance of acne, one of which is the wrong use of cosmetics. Why it happens? Everyone has different skin types (you cans read What your skin type), perhaps when using one of cosmetics to eliminate acne. But it is not suitable for this type of skin you have, this can lead to trigger acne.

There are various ways to remove acne maybe we can get rid of pimples with a squeeze pimples, but this can result in a new issue of "acne scars". Acne scars are black - just black it is a huge problem because it is very difficult to remove. Tips to Remove acne quickly and naturally

The first way is to use aloe vera for remove acne with naturally, this plant was shown to cope with acne as well as any injuries. This is because the aloe vera contains a good antiseptic to restore or heal some wounds, such as acne, dompo and others. To use Aloe vera as a natural remedy to get rid of acne is, you simply apply on acne wound with exfoliating aloe vera and take the meat and then applied to the wound pimple in the morning and evening. You'll get a great result.

The second is to use orange juice or lemon juice to remove acne with naturally. Because lime or lemon juice contains antioxidants that are good for face, can also be used to eliminate acne. How to use lime or lemon, then cut into several parts, then take her sari into a spoon or a small bowl, then rub with cotton to the facial acne had a day 2-3 times every morning and evening after activity and or before bed.

Perform the above with the routine therapy for one to two weeks. But if you use this lemon, a side effect is that you'll feel sore on the face.

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