Simple skin care for your health skin

There are many tips to get healthy skin, maybe when you're walking in a department store you will see a lot of skin health products offered to you, and pretty girls who tried to give facial skin care samples to attract you to buy their product.

In contrast to some time ago, when the dangers of the sun, air pollution, poor diet and stress did not constitute a threat to the health of skin, but with the development of community life. It can not be avoided, the consequences of our skin is also negatively affected. One of  basic items to our skin care lotion that is good, very important to maintain proper humidity in the skin out. Everyone has different skin types so you need to get a lotion that is suitable for your skin.

When choosing a lotion you should always choose one that is hypoallergenic that will not cause the pores become clogged. You will usually find that the lotion is intended for use on the face is usually referred to as a moisturizer, while the lotion for the body as a whole is classified as a body lotion. Be careful to use the proper type of lotion for your body, like a moisturizer just for your face.

Body lotions further classified into intensity levels for different skin types. There are three basic types of dry skin, oily, and combination. Usually each person may have a different kind. If you have dry skin you will need an intense body lotion and will need to use it more often. If you have oily skin you still need to be concerned with hydration just do not need to use lotion sepertiseseorang with dry skin.

Choose skin care for your skin, do not let you be tempted and finally chose one health products. Because this can cause spots on your skin due to irritation and allergy.
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