Homemade Clay Mask

Homemade Clay Mask

Clay is not only can be used to make handicrafts such as pottery, but it turns out the clay can also be used as a natural beauty treatment. Ghassoul is a natural clay that has been used to treat skin, hair, scalp and face of the nobility of Rome and Egypt. Ghassoul very well be used as an ingredient of anti-wrinkle, anti acne, absorb dirt, stains black and dead skin cells.

skin care tips with a clay mask Ghassoul:
Combine powdered ghassoul with warm water and rose water or flower water liman, to produce dough such as masks and fragrant, then put the dough in the face as she slowly massages. Let the action for 10 minutes. After that wash with warm water. For dry skin add a little olive oil on your mask potions.

Body skin care tips with a clay mask Ghassoul:
Take 100g powder ghassoul, in a bowl and add warm water to produce dough that is very light and soft. Apply to all parts of the body, and leave to dry, wash with warm water. The skin will become softer, smoother, and cleaner.

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