Oily skin care Natural

Oily skin care Natural

Maybe you feel annoyed that your skin always looks oily when you're doing activities or when you wake up. Oily skin happen because sebaceous glands are more active and producing excess oil. Having oily skin, in addition to look dull also more prone to acne, this is because when our skin is oily, bacteria and dust will be easier to stick to our skin.

The main causes of oily skin is a particular hormone in the skin that work more actively, or due to weather influences, genetics and even due to the use of cosmetics is wrong.

There are many tips to care oily skin, without use cosmetics products, you can use warm water to keep your skin health when when you wash your face or shower, it is highly recommended by dermatologists as skin care bebanyak optimal. In addition you can also use Jojoba oil is good for oily skin care.
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