How to get rid of black spots on face treatment

Spots on the face, not associated with dry skin type, normal or oily. But more spots caused by many things, such as genetic factors, hormones, race, UV light, the use of cosmetics as well as the use of medications that help speed the skin pigmentation.

Spots from the sun that we often see is freckles, this happens because the sun (sun spots, sproeten), black spots on the face more often found in brightly colored skin types. While melasma form of black spots resulting from the combination of sunlight and hormones.

Here are some tips to get rid of black spots on face:

1 Avoid ultraviolet rays, especially between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. We recommend you use a wide umbrella or a hat if out of the house, or use the appropriate sunscreen suitable for your skin and contains SPF 15 for daily activities.

2. More careful in using facial bleach treatment, this is because not all bleach facial suitable for your skin. Select according to your skin type.

3 When you are age 25, your metabolism starts to slow down, it makes the skin regeneration should be assisted by microdermabrasi once a week to help the removal of dead skin cells.

4 Use a night cream before bed also helps the skin regeneration process. Things you should do regularly to get maximum results.

5 If the black spots on your face is in its early stages worrying, you should visit places of beauty treatments for consultation and treatment. In order for the results that you get more leverage.

Beautiful face without black spots are every woman's dream, because it will provide beauty dating from within themselves.
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