Tips for dry skin care

Tips for dry skin care
Did you know your skin type? Do you  have dry skin? In addition to look dull, dry skin is also much faster visible wrinkles. If you have people who care about the health of your skin, we recommend that if you have dry skin type, you can try the following tips to maintain the health of your dry skin to always look fresh and healthy. Tips for dry skin care is:

1. Avoid products that contain sulfur, both to make up or skin care. this is very important because the products contain substances sulful can make your skin look more dry.

2. Faithful use moisturizer We will move both outside and inside the room, use a water-based pelemabab, to better keep your skin moist. in addition, try to use warm water on the skin before using a moisturizer, so your skin pores open and more leverage pelelbab seep into your skin. 

3. Consumption of water 8 glasses a day, this is very normal to do. besides we tubu 75% consists of liquid substances, lack of water consumption can also mebuat your skin look dull and dry. 

4. Perform special facial dry skin, skin care for you more leverage. Perform routine twice a month to maintain the freshness of your skin. 

5. Make sure your diet contains enough vitamin A, D and E. The three types of vitamins are very useful for the skin. Gynecology and Tretinoin Acid Retinyl Palmiate in vitamin A also can serve to encourage the process pengelupas dead skin cells, which make the surface of the skin always looked fresh.
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