Beautiful face

It has a beautiful face is a dream for all people especially the women who did not want his face was wrinkled and has a black stain. There are various ways to get a beautiful face, ranging from using a moisturizer and a mask of chemicals. But know in the ancient times women were already using a mask and moisturizer to beautify her skin?

In ancient times, the women wear masks with natural ingredients such as yam to remove stains and brighten the face skin, avocado to give moisture, tomatoes to soften the skin, and many more natural ingredients are used.

To moisturizer women usually use olive oil or oil to moisturize the face of machinations. Oil of rose essence is also often used as a moisturizer, cleanser and as a deodorizer.

in addition, earlier times they have been using a scrub to remove dead skin. Like the scrub of powdered shells mixed with rose water or rice flour mixed with yellow starch and water mixed roses.

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