Tomato health for eliminate wrinkles face

In addition to facial gymnastics practice, there are many other ways separately remove wrinkles on the face. One way is quite easy and healthy is to use tomatoes. Wrinkles that usually appear on the chin, smile lines and forehead, often makes women feel uneasy, and separately to avoid this, they often use drugs to get rid of wrinkle creams and even surgery.

How tomatoes can reduce the effects of premature aging such as wrinkles face? Tomatoes contain lycopene can prevent wrinkles and dark spots due to sun exposure. According to experts, "by eating tomatoes every day can reduce the damage to the skin especially in the face. It also benefits from tomatoes to prevent heart disease and cancer. "

By consuming tomatoes and olive oil mixed into it for 10 weeks, the wrinkles on your face can be resolved. The content of lycopene is a powerful antioxidant to prevent damage to the skin caused by free radicals.

Unlike other natural materials, which when cooked will reduce nutrient content in it, but if cooked tomatoes contain lycopene will increase up to fourfold.

Begin by consuming natural ingredients to get a pretty face. Read more about food for beautiful face, for another trick, have a beautiful face with natural tips.
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