Food for healthy skin

In the previous article i write food for a beautiful face, and in this article will explain how health tips about foods that are useful to maintain health and beauty of your skin.

Healthy skin and skin beauty is very important, especially for women. However, apkaah you already know what good food you eat to keep your skin beauty? Here are seven types of nutritious Food for healthy skin:

1. Tuna sandwich, wheat bread, with carrots, strawberries, and a lot of tuna fish contains essential fatty acids Omega-3, this is great for healthy skin.

2. Soup with vegetables, and nuts, vegetables and nuts contain antioxidants. Collagen helps keep skin elastic and smooth. So eat these foods can neutralize toxins in your body and it is important to make the skin health
. and carrots, rich in vitamin A that can not easily make the skin dry and scaly.

3. Salad mi, salad is healthy and low calorie foods.

4. Tofu stir fry with wheat noodles. Know and all other soy foods, rich in B vitamins that help keep skin smooth and moist.

5. Rice - grains and seeds - seeds black sesame seeds, brown rice, sunflower seeds, rice intact.

While food and beverages should be avoided in skin perawaatn is Drinking alcohol and gaseous, caffeine, canned food and mashed, cheese and other dairy products, eggs, fatty foods, peanut butter, red meat, food and sweet drinks, white flour, white pasta.

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