Know your skin type for get health skin

There are countless ways to get skin that looks brighter and healthier, but remember that not all means are good for your skin health. Sometimes we forget something very important when choosing skin care. Did you know your skin type? Knowing skin type, you will know what type of treatment is best for your skin to obtain maximum results.

Important part of skin that needs our attention is the layer of the dermis and epidermis. Dermis charged oil glands, nerves, capillaries, melanin, and sweat glands that regulate body temperature. Deepest parts of the skin is what's important to always provide nutrients. Because in addition to accommodate the fat and water, at the dermis layer also contained collagen that functions in maintaining skin elasticity to stay young.

In addition to the dermis, which we need to consider is the layer of the epidermis which is the outermost layer of skin. Coated by a layer of horn, arranged by epidermal keratin cells each day to face a variety of impurities that are often attached to so often regenerate to replace skin cells - the cells that die. Bath is the easiest way to keep the remains fresh epidermal cells shed - the dead skin cells for skin replaced with new cells.
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