How to Get rid of zits fast

Here are simple tips to Get Rid of zits fast for beautiful face. I do not guarantee a hundred percent lost but from many people who try the following tips to reduce acne.

1. Wash your face at least 2 times a day.
Washing your face can help clean the face of oil, if we are rarely cleaned, the bacteria that cause acne will live abundantly in our faces. Wash your face 2 times a day using a special soap for your skin. Everyone has different skin types, so choose which match you.

2. Avoid oily cosmetics.
naturally we will face menmproduksi oil, even though dry skin. So as much as possible to avoid excessive use of cosmetics because oil and dust will be a media appearance of acne-causing bacteria your face.

3. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Preferred diet for teenagers who have high fiber content. In addition, it is necessary also to add fruits that contain antioxidants such as apples, carrots, and tomatoes.

4. Inadequate Protein You
Having adequate levels of protein, especially by eating tempeh or tofu which has a high protein content and contain the hormone estrogen that serves the skin, remove acne, and preventing prostate cancer.

5. Enough sleep and regular
as well as our bodies, the skin requires wakistirahat. When we sleep, our skin detiksifikasi process of removing toxins and regenerate, so when we get our skin will feel more refreshed.

Health care tips for Get rid of zits fast, and make your beautiful face
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