Eliminate Skin with Wrinkle in Face of Gymnastics (part II)

As I wrote in previous articles, other than using cosmetic ingredients for skin face tightening, you can try the Face of Gymnastics. Some types of exercise you can possibly try is:

Eliminating wrinkles under lip

Movement is almost equal to tighten the cheek movement, it's just done on the chin. Keep in a ten count.

Banish wrinkles in the forehead

Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top with both hands to count to ten, after which point the movement of the hand to the side of the forehead to forehead muscles may be interested.

Preventing wrinkles at the corner of the eye

Eye exercises carried out by wiping with a little pressure with your hands in the left eye and right, from the front of temples, eyes to the side until the ten count.

Tighten lips

Wipe with a pressure on the skin above the lip, from the inside out, also ten times.

In order to keep muscles toned and supple lips, it can be some movement below:

* Movement of the lips like a kiss.
* Movement to suck up to her cheeks pucker.
* Movement like kissing but dikembungkan cheek, muscles in the neck for interested and wrinkles in the neck missing.
Pull over to the upper lip or smile. Expand smile, because according to beauty experts, smiling can make the 100 muscles in the face move.

As age increases, so naturally if we also lose collagen in our skin, causing sagging skin and wrinkles form. To tighten our face, the muscles must be trained. With the innovation of the original training program from Europe, you can look younger without plastic surgery. By exercising our facial muscles just a few minutes a day, not just the blood circulation but also stimulate natural collagen production so that you can look younger.

This exercise program can be done to men and women of all ages. Very easy to learn without any complicated choreography. You'll get amazing results with total exercise these facial muscles!

good luck Face of Gymnastics and get a Beautiful face and healthy natural
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