Tips For Man

Not just poetry of love and attention that makes a man get the love from woman, it turns out appearance is also a matter that must be considered by every man, but not only this. Perhaps you are a handsome man and has a sweet smile but if you have long nose hairs, you may be in the scratch from the list of men's dream, 

Apparently there are many things that are often not really noticed by the men but is considered by the women, some of these include: 


Women usually do not like the shape eyebrows together. Few tips for you, if you have long hair try is to slightly close your eyebrows. 


Cleanliness nails was very noticed by a woman, if you see a woman having your nails long and dirty, what do you think? Like that also have in mind a woman


Use Handbody or moisturizer to make your skin look lebit. Women generally do not reject the male skin is touched by a smooth and soft. 


Keep your foot hygiene to avoid fungal attack. 

Nose hairs  

Do not forget to shave your nose hairs. The women are generally very concerned about cleanliness, especially in parts of your body. 


Diligent brushing your teeth after eating. Do not let the woman you desire unpleasant smell from your mouth.


Take care of your back skin. Use special pelebbab back skin. Because women generally assumed that the backs are part of the sexiest male body.
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