5 symptoms of disease

Health is something that is very expensive, but sometimes we often do not know the signs that we are being attacked by illness. Especially women who often do not realize that being attacked by the disease. Here, 5 symptoms of health problems that we must beware.

1. Nails turned white so pressed 

Nail will turn white when pressed briefly, but if the nail remains white until a few minutes. This could indicate you're less exposed to anemia and iron.

2. Dry lips

 Dry lips can also be caused by excess vitamin A. Carolyn Jacob, MD, a dermatologist from Chicago said "He had never had a patient who does not know that he had consumed as many as 20,000 units of vitamin A each day. This amount is four times the amount recommended." In normal doses of vitamin A could serve to overcome the problems of skin cells. However, excess doses vitamn A can actually cause dry skin and disturb the fetus if you are in a state of pregnancy.

3. Yellow eyelids 

Eyelid yellow indicate high cholesterol. This happens because the fat that collects in the upper eyelid continues to accumulate there. And because the fat is yellow, then came the yellow spots on petals surrounding your eyes, whatever your skin type
4. Cheeks reddened 

Facial which too often can cause peeling like sunburned skin. This is the first sign of rosacea, a skin disorder can be caused by allergies.

5. Dark circles under eyes 

Black circle is caused by a lack of sleep. Another thing that causes dark circles under the eyes is due to allergies. Allergies can cause sinusitis, which can reduce blood flow into the cavity between the eyes.

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