Tea healty or Danger (Part II)

In addition to proven useful for health, it turns out tea can also be bad for health, some research results were not good in tea consumption on several conditions, among others.
1. In patients who are experiencing kidney disorder, was not good when drinking tea. This is because it would result in disruption of kidney function.
2. When we eat, should not drink tea. Because tea was able to absorb iron found in foods that we are enjoying. Especially for wania pregnant, should not consume tea first because iron deficiency can cause anemia also affects it's not good even to infants.
3. Women who are breastfeeding should not consume tea, because caffeine substances in tea can affect penguaran milk, other than that caffeine also can get into breast milk that can cause the baby pain.
4. When you have a fever, you should avoid drinking tea. This is because akndungan theophyline contained in tea mayelevate body temperature, even making the function body temperature-lowering drugs to be lost or reduced.
5. You are anemic? Should avoid drinking tea because of acid in tea is very easy Tannates fused with iron and acid soluble feros Tannates which hinders the absorption of iron. When the body of the iron deficiency anemia, hemoglobin synthesis inbody can be reduced, and the disease could get worse.
6. The children, turned out to consume the tea for the children were not too good, because Tannates acid in tea can affect the absorption of vitamin B and iron in the diet resulting in decreased hemoglobin and menuyustnya erythrocyte volume, which will result susceptible to anemiaor less blood.
Advice from a wise teacher, if you love drinking tea. We recommend that you consume in the ideal amount each day not too much. Remember something that is excessive is not good for your health.
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