How to choose an insurance provider (part II)

There are many ways to find out what the best company you should follow. Some I have written in previous articles yangs aya think can help you to choose what insurance company you should follow. In this article, I will try to add back what factors should menjandi your consideration in selecting an insurance company.


1. ReinsuranceReinsurance can be interpreted as an insurance company to insurance company. This means that an insurance company in its operational activities; to reduce the risk that can happen to him, also insure these risks to other insurance companies. This is important for you to ask because if something unexpected happens to the insurance company of your choice, there are other companies that had reinsurance company that ensures good continuity of protection that your rights and obligations of your premium payment

2. AgeAn insurance company who were older than the other companies could mean that the insurance company has a strong enough capital so that up to a fairly high age still exist. It also describes how to manage the fund management clients.

3. CustomerMore and more customers will show how the level of service that has made the company. This could mean how concern for customers, ease of claims and of course security funds entrusted.

4. Complaints / GrievancesDo always cross check to outside parties to the plan of your choice. The main parties should you contact the customer if possible, a third party to bridge such as a bank or hospital if it is health insurance, and did not rule it's good of you to ask your independent financial planner. For more great is to receive input from many sides rather than from one side, especially if one side only of the company.
Be careful choosing your company, so you do not cause harm to you.
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