How to choose an insurance provider

Choosing a good insurance company is not easy. Especially now that competition among insurance companies are very strict. Many insurance companies claim they are the best. By using the language they promote good advertising to be the best and get a lot of customers.
There are several things you must know before you register you join the insurance company. The first thing is the insurance company's financial strength. This you should know whether the insurance company has a good financial to pay compensation to customers in accordance with a predetermined event of an accident or disaster in accordance with what has been stipulated in the agreement.
to find out whether the insurance company has the strength in financial bidnag, there are several measuring points in determining. Among them are:
1. Assets and liabilities. This can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See also, whether planted in the current investments or long-term. In terms of liability (ability to pay off liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts on the reinsurer, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so forth.
2. Underwriting Policy. On the balance sheet and annual report will be seen that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth. This means underwiting polcy was good.
3. Underwriters him. Insurance has personnel qualified or not. It is known from the profile companies that includes the underwriters him.
Careful in selecting an insurance company you want to follow is the first step for you to provide reliable protection to your family and yourself

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