Sleep for Health

Sleep is the most effective way of rest to restore health and fitness of our body. In addition, sleep was also to be a natural detoxification. According to research there are a couple of hours when we sleep is a natural detoxification moments when we sleep:

21:00 to 23:00: body naturally detoxify and growth. Generally, the process of growth in children occur at this time. Therefore, do not let your child sleep over at 9 pm.

23:00 to 1:00: a process of cleansing the liver, result will be more leverage when you are sleeping soundly.

01:00 to 3:00: detoxification of bile, takes place during sleep.

03:00 to 05:00: detoxification of the lungs, for patients with cough, cough will occur. Because the cleaning process had reached the respiratory tract, dint to take cough medicine.

05:00 to 7:00: detoxification of the colon, then usually taste like pee.

7:00 a.m. to 9:00: the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine and is recommended at this time for breakfast.

Eat before at 07.30 is very good for those who want to maintain health.

Sleep on time and get into the habit of healthy living will make your body staying healthy and fit ..
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