Tips for Keep breast healt

Breast cancer is one thing that is on watch by the women, in addition to make breasts not look so beautifuil, Breast cancer can to death. Cause of breast cancer usually occurs because of heredity, for example, someone can get breast cancer if the woman has relatives (mother, sister) had breast cancer.

Prevention is better than cure, Tips for Keep breast healt

1. Tips for Keep breast health:  Reduce eating fatty foodsAccording to experts, high-fat diet can produce chemicals in the gut which relates the same time the bacteria will turn it into estrogen as a cause of cancer. Estrogen is then stored in the fatty breast tissue that makes the cell in this area are more likely to grow into cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Expand to eat fishResearch shows that consuming at least three servings of fish each week such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines can help prevent breast cancer. Omega oils that are commonly found in fish may help strengthen the immune system and inhibit tumor effect that causes cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Soybean ConsumptionSome scientists believe that by consuming soy products can protect you against the hormone causes tumors. Soybeans and other soy products contain genistein, a natural estrogen that binds to receptors in the breast so that his name not possible the growth of cancer.

Tips for Keep breast health: Check your own breastBefore bathing, check the breast in front of the mirror. If there is a lump, pain, or other forms of suspicious doctor promptly. Do not assume abnormalities in breast trivial, because it can be fatal.
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