Do not drink while standing

Drinking is a basic requirement for us, this is because hampair 80% of our body fluids. When the body lacks water or dehydration, our health can be disrupted even can lead to death.
But did you know, turned out for a drink of water there must be rules that we use, for water we consume actually provide health care to us, and do not harm health. We often hear better when we're drinking water, should not he stand up and be seated.
A health study conducted one of acupuncture acupuncturist, proving that the incoming water by drinking while sitting better than we drink by standing.
The water we drink while sitting will be screened by sfringer. Sfringer is a structure maskuler (muscular) that can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water we drink will be provided at stations located in the kidney filtration.
Conversely, if we drink by standing, the water we drink, it goes without filtered again. Water that can go straight to the bladder. When directly to the bladder, the ureter occurred in channel deposition.
Because many wastes that menyisa in the ureter then this could cause kidney crystals disease. One of the dangerous kidney disease. Hard piss cause.
Although looks simple, it turns out the way we drink also affects our health. Start a healthy life in a simple way.
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