8 Tips Keep Eyes healthy

The eyes are the senses which we can look to the beauty of the world, eight tips keep eyes healthy

1. Check your eyes every 12 months Periksalaha your eyes regularly maximum every 12 months, especially those who often worked a dark place more frequently you should check your eyes.
2. In summer, wear glasses In addition to skin damage, UV rays can also meneyebabkan serious damage to your eyes, We recommend that when you buy glasses, choose glasses that can reflect 98% UV radiation
3. Eat good nutrition for you and your eyes Choose foods that have a lot of content of vitamin A and antioxidants, it is useful to memperlambar macular degeneration and cataract growth.
4. Do not work on the computer and read a dark place Working with low light can cause eyestrain, but light is too bright nor good. The direction of light works best when using a computer is of a soft luminous table lamp from the side. Reduce levels of light (brightness) monitor. The color is so not too sharp, but the eye will be more comfortable.
5. Rest your eyes Almost all people feel their eyes are not so comfortable after sitting all day in front of a computer screen. This is due to eye blinks 25% less than normal, causing dry eye. One thing you can do is close your eyes and count to 5 before opening it again. Another was turned away from the screen and focus on a distant object, as often as possible.
6. Find a contact lens with good quality Not all contact lenses the same. There are safe for your eyes, and there is also a risk of eye damage. .
7. If you wear contact lenses, treat well Your contact lenses. You should replace your contact lens fluid, when you manaruh back in place.
8. Wear contact lenses according to the recommended schedule There are people who berbiat save by wearing contact lenses longer than intended. It's not a good thing. Although kulitas lens will not decrease, the pile proteins can obscure your vision.
Begin to protect your health from now,
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