How To Choose best face moisturizer

best face moisturizer
Faces in desperate need of a moisturizer, because to protect the skin to avoid dryness or dehydration because of the effects of sunlight. moisturizer to keep moisture in the skin remains supple and make faces. But in choosing the best facial moisturizer is right for your skin is not easy.

To select the best facial moisturizer should match your skin type because of different skin types will require a different moisturizer. This is because every type of skin has different needs.

Moisturizer for oily skin, then use a moisturizer that is free from oil or oil-free and noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic. Or better to use the oily skin lotion because it is lighter.

The selection of the best facial moisturizer for acne prone skin should use moisturizers such as light texture moisturizer in a cream or gel form. also observed a moisturizer labels. If it says water-based, moisturizing using water as a raw material instead of oil. That means in accordance with acne prone skin. If non-comedogenic written, this product useful to cover up the pores that are too big.

moisturizer for dry skin, then use a moisturizer that provides enough moisture. And try using a moisturizer that heavier texture like cream. If it still feels dry, at night also use a moisturizer in the form of serum. And if you're in hot, use a moisturizing lotion at greater frequency.

sensitive skin moisturizer separately. Sensitive skin has a sign when using a moisturizer that does not comply will feel the signs of heat and there are red spots, it is due to the emergence of allergies because the skin is too sensitive to stimulus material such as fragrance materials, dyes, preservatives, and so forth.

Do not forget to also select the best facial moisturizer that contains SPF. useful materials to obtain protection against the sun. This material will also use a sunscreen that helps protect the skin from skin cancer. It is very important especially if you take medication for acne that cause photosensitivity, or increased sensitivity to the sun.

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