Beauty Skin Face with Caviar Facial Masks

Beauty Skin Face
A face mask is a cream mask is used to wash or smooth faces. Often contain minerals, vitamins and fruit extracts such as cactus and cucumber. There are different types of masks for different purposes, some are deep cleansing for cleaning the pores of the skin, cure acne or hyper-pigmentation, or bright for lighting stages of skin color.

Masks are usually washed with warm water, wipe with a damp cloth, or peeled off by hand. Duration for wearing a mask depends on the type of mask and the direction is determined by the product itself. Time can range from 5 minutes to overnight.

Masks can be found everywhere from pharmacies to department stores and can vary in shape and form. They include clay form in which it is thicker in consistency and will dry to draw out impurities from the skin pores, which remain wet creamier form to moisturize the skin, where the style sheets of paper soaked with liquid mask to tone and moisturize the skin, and the last , one out of clay and cream form that includes a small sand grains for exfoliating the skin.

Different forms designed to meet different skin types like oily or dry, as well as the different needs of skin, whether it's a moisturizer, cleanser, or exfoliating. Appropriate clay and mud mask oily skin while cream mask according to skin type-based dry.
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