Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a generic name for a few materials needed for normal blood clotting. The form is essentially a vitamin K1 (filokuinon), contained in plants, especially green leafy vegetables. Bacteria in the lower small intestine and large intestinal bacteria produce vitamin K2 (menakuinon), which can be absorbed in limited amounts. Vitamin K also means that Vitamin K (K from "Koagulations-Vitamin" in German and Danish) refers to a group of lipophilic and hydrophobic vitamins from a variety of proteins, such as in the process of blood clotting.

Vitamin K is normally produced by bacteria in the human digestive tract, and nutritional deficiencies due to diets that are very rare unless the digestive tract is very badly damaged that it can not absorb molecules. Diseases caused by vitamin K deficiency difficult to freeze the blood if injured / bleeding / wound / bleeding, bleeding in the body, etc.

To meet the requirement of vitamin K is quite easy because in addition to the amount spelled out small, our digestive systems contain bacteria that can synthesize vitamin K, which is partly absorbed and retained in the liver. But once the body also needs to have the addition of vitamin K from foods.
Most sources of vitamin K in the body is synthesized by bacteria in the digestive system, but you can get vitamin K from foods such as liver, vegetables, green leafy vegetables like cabbage (cabbage) and milk.
Vitamin K is also found in high concentrations in soy milk, green tea, milk cows and beef and liver. The types of probiotic foods, like yogurt that contains active healthy bacteria, can help stimulate the production of this vitamin.

How much needs?According to the standard RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), vitamin C a person needs depends on her weight. For adults, at least need one microgram per day per kg body weight. So, if you weigh 50 kg then the need to reach 50 micrograms per day.  
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