Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer in the reproductive organs of a woman. The cervix is the narrow section at the bottom between the vagina and uterus of a woman. In part this is happening and where the growth of cervical cancer. What causes cervical cancer or cervical cancer? How do I prevent it? And how to cope if already infected with HPV?
Causes of Cervical Cancer is caused by a viral infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) or human papilloma virus. HPV causes warts in both men and women, including genital warts in, called condyloma akuminatum. Only some of the hundreds of variants of HPV that can cause cancer. Cervical cancer or cervical cancer can occur if there is an infection that does not heal for a long time. Conversely, most HPV infections will go away, overcome by the immune system.
How to detect cervical cancer is the Pap smear method. Pop smear is a standard examination method to detect cervical cancer. However, the pap smear is not the only way that can be done to detect this disease. There is also a type of inspection using acetic acid (vinegar).
Using vinegar is acetic acid which is relatively easier and cheaper to do. If you want a more accurate result, there is now the latest examination techniques for early detection of cervical cancer, a technology called Hybrid Capture System II (HCII).
Some ways to avoid getting cervical cancer
1. Not having sex with a partner who alternated 2. Diligently perform pap smears every two years for the already sexually active 3. HPV vaccination for those who have never made contact in sexuality
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