Vitamin A

Before I explain about Vitamin A, i want tell you what is Vitamin and fungsion. Vitamins are a group of organic compounds of small molecular weight amines have a vital function in the metabolism of every organism. This name comes from the combination of the Latin word vita, which means "life" and amine (amine), which refers to an organic group which has a nitrogen atom (N), because at first vitamin considered so.

Vitamin A is one of the micro nutrients needed by the body that is useful to increase body resistance (immunity) and eye health. Front of vitamin A deficiency resulted in:

* Lack of Vitamin A (KVA) in children residing in evacuation areas may cause them vulnerable to various infections penyakti, so easily hurt.
* Children suffering from lack of vitamin A, when attacked by measles, diarrhea or other infectious diseases, the disease will worsen and can lead to death. Infection will inhibit the body's ability to absorb nutrients and at the same time will erode the savings out of vitamin A in the body.
* Lack of vitamin A for a long period will also mengkibatkan disruptions in the eye, and if the child does not immediately get a vitamin A will lead to blindness.
* Babies who are not breastfed have a higher risk to suffer KVA, because breast milk is a source of vitamin A is good.
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