Heart Attack

Heart disease are commonly known and most common is coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease. The disease is most frequently causing a heart attack in someone who can cause death. The cause is narrowing of the coronary arteries, where the vessel serves to provide blood to the heart muscle. Constriction caused by a pile of cholesterol or other proteins derived from food that enters the body. This buildup causes the coronary arteries become stiff. Stiffness is called atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis occurs if there is plaque buildup or deposition of fat on artery walls. After a time, can accumulate plaque, hardens and narrows arteries, and inhibit blood flow to the heart. Coronary artery disease or coronary artery disease (CAD) is that basically leads to most heart attacks.

Healthy eatingAvoid foods that contain lots of fat or that contain high cholesterol. Seafood has a high cholesterol content which may harm the heart. Reduce eating fried foods that contain lots of fat, otherwise the food can be processed by boiling, steaming or baking.

Avoid StressStress is very difficult to avoid when living in big cities like Jakarta is known for its jams and preoccupations. When a person experiences stress, the body will release the hormone cortisol which causes the blood vessels become stiff. Norepinephrine hormones will be produced when the body suffers stress, which will cause rise in blood pressure. So, very good if you avoid the stress both in the office or at home.
Stop smokingCigarette smoking is not good for heart health, then immediately stop this habit in order to keep the heart healthy.
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