Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplements

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of interest in resveratrol anti aging supplements. In fact, many of the top news channels and prime time tv programs such as ABC News and The Oprah Winfrey Show have had a section about them because of their popularity.

How can time go so fast?
Just imagine if there was something that we could do that would enable us to thwart the onset of old age and keep our bodies fit and well!As it happens, as we speak, resveratrol anti aging supplements are being studied by scientists to discover their secrets. Tests are being undertaken on various life forms on sirtuins (longevity genes) that are almost identical to ours.

So how does resveratrol anti aging supplements help us live longer?
Calorific restriction has an incredible effect on our bodies, and when we absorb resveratrol into our system, it has a similar effect that calorific restriction has. Longevity genes are activated when our bodies suffer calorific restriction over sustained periods of time. These longevity genes are called regulate how long that we could live.

Depending on the type of life form that have been studied, life can be extended by as much as 70%. Scientists believe that these results have no reason why they can't be replicated in humans. Only time will tell. The thing is, if resveratrol life extension supplements are proven to extend life, might it not be too late for some of us who have waited to find out? Resveratrol supplements have been found to have very few side effects and is a totally natural occurring substance. Most common side effects, although rare, are aching joints.
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