Cause and Treating Acne in Dry Skin

Dry skin is annoying at best and downright miserable at worst. Before you explore for the answer, you would like to grasp the cause. This skin condition is extraordinarily common. whereas most of the people share similar symptoms, like flaking, redness, and itching, the degree of severity varies. Several factors could also be to blame for dry skin. Most fall into one in all the subsequent categories:
*Medical conditions

Lets cross-check the foremost common causes of dry skin.Environment This is that the most typical culprit of dry skin. Environmental conditions that contribute to dry skin like:
* Weather
Cold, windy weather isn't solely unpleasant for you, it's damaging to your skin. nevertheless even those who live in a very hot, dry climate are in danger.
* Dry indoor air
there is not any question that a heat, cozy hearth may be a winter treat, however sadly, it's exhausting on your skin. and therefore the list of indoor enemies does not stop with a hearth. Wood stoves, central heating, and even air-con all draw protecting moisture from skin.
* Excessive bathing and hot water -
True, there is nothing sort of a hot bubble bathtub to relax and unwind. nevertheless whereas this tiny pleasure is sweet for the spirit, it isn't therefore smart for skin. Hot baths break down the lipids (fats) that defend your skin. Limit bathing to fast showers in heat water. An exception to the current rule is soaking in dead ocean salts. several realize symptom relief from these mineral salts.
* Frequent swimming in a very chlorinated pool
Yes, it's nice exercise, but again, not therefore nice for skin. Chlorine strips the protecting oils nature has provided.
* Harsh soaps and detergent
Anti-bacterial and deodorant soaps are the worst! Instead, use a gentle moisturizing cleanser or natural soap with added fat. attempt all natural shea butter soap.
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