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Besides the heart, the eye is also one of the most important organs in your body we. when eyes are not working we certainly can not return to see the beauty of the world. But too often we fail to maintain eye health, especially for those who often work in front of the computer.
There is an assumption by consuming vitamin A on a regular basis can reduce the risk of damage or disease affecting our eyes, but really it? Dr. Ria Sylivia - explain that vitamin A is not the answer for patients with nearsightedness (minus) or farsighted (plus) to be able to recover (quoted from
To maintain healthy eyes, when we work in front of the computer for a long time we can try some of these tips.

 1. Design your workspace has adequate lighting. 
2. You should use filters to reduce radiation monitor from the monitor. 
3. Position the monitor should be 10-15 degrees from the straight-line view you. 
4. The most important step you rest your eyes when you've worked too long. This serves to reduce the contraction of the muscles of the eye.
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