How to Keep Skin Healthy

How to Keep Skin Healthy
Have a fresh skin and always look younger everyone want its, many ways to get healthy skin and look more white and glow aura of beauty. Using sun block to avoid skin exposed to UV its one of to proteck skin.

Besides using chemicals contained in sun block are some easy ways to keep our skin become more visible fresh.

1. Keep your skin clean. No need to be excessive, if it actually will cause excessive dry skin.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses a day to maintain skin moisture. It is very important because 80% of our body consists of water. By drinking water we do not look dry skin
3. Healthy lifestyle, with plenty of vegetables and exercise regularly to maintain blood flow to keep it current.
4. Keeping skin dry and clean, especially the area of skin folds and areas covered. Because the area is easily infected skin fungus.

One thing you must remember, increasing air pollution that is around us and also an unhealthy lifestyle influence the health of the body, and the effect is of course affected skin. More and more diseases that result from it.
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