Keep your Heart Healty

Keep your Heart Healty
Heart which is the most important organ of human body which serves to pump blood throughout the body, and as we all know well, heart disease is also the 10th largest killer worldwide. Maintaining heart health also means extending the life and health of our bodies.

There are many ways to maintain heart health, some of these tips may help you to to keep your heart healthy longer and you avoid all kinds of diseases. Not only of heart disease.

1. Adjust your diet, by increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits, reduce the consumption of milk or cheese that has a bad fats and Reduce sodium intake, no more than 1 1 / 4 teaspoon salt in a day. Eat meals regularly. Drinking enough water. Change the habit of drinking coffee with tea. Remember that caffeine in coffee is not so good for your health

2. Changing patterns and lifestyle, exercise regularly in the morning when the air is still clean, you do not need to be strenuous exercise, just do a little exercise for about 30 minutes. With exercise you can eliminate stress and refresh your mind, the most important thing for you is to stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages and rest with regular balanced. Do not force yourself to stay up at night.

3. Give each other love, a fact proved if we give each other affection and positive aura, this could increase
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