Defent your helaty with imun system

Immune system is the body's defense system so that we can avoid the attack of the disease. The immune system also means a system that plays an important role in human life. There are 5 (five) important functions which should have a healthy immune system

1. His ability to recognize foreign objects is a very important function, because it should be able to tell which friends (bacteria are beneficial and good body cells) where the opponent (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and free radicals that mutate cells that can a tumor / cancer)

2. Being a defense from an attack such foreign objects

3. Immune system considering the foreign invaders (visual and chemical formula of antibodies that are used to defeat those who are saved from the Transfer Factor body) that can be quickly rejected repeated attacks in the future.

4. Specific defense system (income): This system only works when our natural immune system resistance is not enough and work according jeniis viral or bacterial attacks that occur. Who worked on this system is T & B Lymphocytes The work of this system in the form of antibodies (IgG and IgM)

The immune system evolved in accordance with the development of our bodies, in time infants generally immune system is still not much developed, some components are still unable to work optimally. With increasing age of child-headed teenage boy to adulthood, the immune system evolved to work more optimally. But entering old age, decreased immune system reintroduction. Therefore, children and elderly people susceptible to disease.

To keep for our immune system is always balanced then we need to use Imunomodulato. Immunomodulatory role makes the immune system more active in carrying out its functions to strengthen imuntubuh system (immune stimulators) or suppress an excessive immune system reactions (immune suppressant) to immunity or our immune system is always optimal keeps us healthy when he was attacked by viruses, bacteria or other microbes
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