Tomato for remove acne scars

Tomato for remove acne scars

Tomato is a fruit that is often present in recipes. Tomato does have an attractive color and flavor. In addition, the fruit which has the Latin name Lyopercisum esculentum is also rich in benefits. One benefit is to get rid of annoying acne on the face.
How to Eliminate Acne With Tomatoes

Tomato originally came from the highlands of the west coast of South America. Then, the plant was spread to Europe, Asia, and Mediterranean. Tomato plant is a short life cycle of plants, can grow as high as 1 to 3 meters. Tomatoes are a close family of potato.

There are tomatoes in a range of colors from green when ripe, yellow, orange, red, purple (black), and mottled. People also know the tomato fruit, tomatoes, vegetables and tomatoes.

Well, to ward off acne with tomatoes, choose tomatoes that are still fresh and quite large. Then, the following steps:
A. Rinse the tomatoes to be used, should be selected that have been cooked
2. Cut into 2 equal parts
3. Rub the face that has been cleansed of make-up with the inside of the tomato fruit
4. Let stand 2 minutes and wash face.

Remove acne scars
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