Skin Care With Coffee Face Mask

The benefits of coffee not only as a drink only. You can also use coffee for skin care. Coffee granules to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Thus, the skin becomes more clear. For you coffee lovers, rich aroma can also cause a relaxing effect. For that try to gulp down your skin with coffee. Coffee beans that have been crushed into a powder will produce antioxidants which are oil smoothes, make your skin look brighter and whiter.

Coffee body scrub ingredients:
- ½ kg of coffee beans bali
- Olive oil / olive oil to taste
- Yam powder to taste

How to make a coffee body scrub:
- Mash half the beans into a smooth bali.
- Add the olive oil and yam flour and blend until smooth, and ready for use.

How to use
Rub the whole body coffee scrub, rub, rub her gently. Allow the coffee scrub approximately 1 hour on the body so that the oil contained in the coffee absorb the entire body. After that, rinse with clean water that has been mixed with a little salt.

You can also make the coffee body scrub with a mixture of avocado

Just prepare the following materials:

- 5 teaspoons black ground coffee
- 1 teaspoon salt or sugar
- 1 small avocado

Mix all ingredients until blended. Then, scrub the entire skin and massage gently. Let stand for 5 scrub sticking up to 10 minutes. Then, madilah with warm water. Your skin will definitely be cleaner and smoother.
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