Advertisements for skin care products

Advertisements for skin care products
Advertisements for skin care products

Look attractive not only supported by a beautiful skin, but also be healthy. Beautiful and healthy skin requires a routine and regular care and use products according to skin type. Widespread advertising of beauty products make women prefer instant way to aesthetically beautiful like a model in the ad impressions. But rather than beautiful, but it gained dirasaannya skin damage. The skin becomes thin, sensitive, can not be exposed to sunlight, etc.. Surveys beginning in 2000 found that nearly 70% of women have sensitive skin to cosmetics and even experienced a younger age than in previous decades.

Choosing skin care products are tricky. Simply outstanding in the market already so many different types of products, we chose to live, but we do not necessarily difficult to understand the product, whether in accordance with our skin or not. Errors in choosing skin care products certainly will be an impact on the skin itself, such as irritation, itching and so forth. Therefore, as much as possible we can avoid mistakes in choosing a wide range of skin care products. Here are some of the most frequent types of errors occurred:

The first mistake: it is easy to believe Advertisements for skin care products.
"This product is proven to whiten skin in just 21 days," read ads in magazines and television. You also believe in and immediately bought a large bottle. Who forget to do is read the packaging and see what ingredients are contained in it. Is it true that the material is proven to whiten skin? And if the product is claimed fantastic results, make sure there is research and research are valid.

The second error: shopping discount products.
Nothing wrong with buying clothes or shoes at discount season arrives. But for skin care products, wait a minute. Moisturizers famous brands sold only half the price? Be careful, it could be counterfeit goods, or even old stock from three years ago. If the original goods were not immediately rush to buy up crazy. Make sure the product contains suitable for your skin condition.

The third mistake: taking risks.
Just like the advertising slogan, "Make a child why not try," for the skin you should not be used as the arena of trial and error. Do not just try a new product to the skin if you do not know what is contained in it. It could not be obtained beautiful, but acne, allergies, and irritation.

The fourth mistake: buying products that do not suit your skin type.
There is a reason why you need to know what your skin type. Oily, dry, combination, or sensitive? When buying skin care products, buy which is applied to your skin type. If your skin is oily, do not force to buy a product just because it's creamy cheaper.

Advertisements for skin care products
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